When water in your home evaporates, it travels upward. If your roof isn't ventilated properly, this could cause your attic and roof to collect excess moisture. Prevent plywood damage by hiring the talented roofing contractors at O'Leary Construction, LLC to install proper ventilation measures.

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3 installations that can improve your home's ventilation

Trust the pros to get rid of excess water in your home in a flash. Our talented contractors can install:


Ridge vents to push damp, warm air out of your home.


Attic fans to pull air from your open windows and let it out through the attic and roof.


Soffit vents to draw fresh air up to your attic.

If you're not sure what your home needs, don't worry. Contact O'Leary Construction right now to discuss your ventilation issues with an experienced roofing contractor who can help homeowners in the areas surrounding Stroudsburg, PA.